June 2, 3, 4 - 2017

Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Gainesville, GA

Riverside Military Academy campus in Gainesville, Georgia.


131 Days

And a Few Hours


Riverside Military Academy Time Trials for Champions and Heroes Driver, Clock, 1 mile from start line to finish line against the clock. A competitive experience, A visual experience, An aural experience.

Riverside Military Academy Studies in Speed, Sport and Style for Champions and Heroes A juried Contest of Elegance for Champions and Heroes. Race Cars through 1974, Sporting Vehicles through 1974, Vehicles of Exceptional Style through 1974.

Riverside Military Academy High Jinks Rally for Champions and Heroes A three day competitive high jinks rally for a Driver and a Navigator. All vehicles through 1974 eligible with selected… Read More

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Located on the expansive Riverside Military Academy campus in Gainesville, Georgia. North of Atlanta at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the shores of Lake Lanier.

Please Telephone or Email to discuss your participation as an Entrant, Judge, Volunteer or Spectator